Back to HTTP and into the Fediverse

It's been a while, huh? A while back I switched my website to Sourcehut Pages and had to scrap the gemlog I previously had. But now I've decided to return to the web and what a way to come back than to relaunch my blog using WriteFreely! This software should be able to federate using ActivityPub, so Fediverse users (such as people using Mastodon, Akkoma, Calckey, etc.) should be able to read my posts from there. You can follow me over at if you're interested. RSS is also still available by adding to your reader.

All entries are still here by the way, and I've also corrected some grammar issues here and there. This won't mean I'll abandon my exisiting gemlog either, as both will receive the same content, so you have choices on where to read my posts.

Anywho, expect more entries here soon! I have some ideas cooked up that I haven't published yet and for now I'll see you soon.