Announcing my new website and my switch to Gemini

Hi there. It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm here to announce an overhaul to my personal website. Let's go briefly through the changes that have been done.

New domain

As you may have seen, I've switched to a new domain: The main reason I've decided to do this is to distinguish my own website more from, since it is only one of the many projects I'm working on. While I'm considering changing my email and XMPP to this domain, those changes might be more long-term.

Gemini as priority

While Hugo isn't a bad framework, I'm honestly not too used to it. This is mainly why I previously recurred to using a premade template. To be more exact panr's terminal theme. Hugo also doesn't have support for protocols like Gemini, which I've been interested in for a while now. So I've decided to rebuild the site before your eyes using gssg, which is a static site generator for Gemini. For HTTPS users this site is going to be proxied through Kineto.


There's not much else to say really! I'm pretty satisfied with the results of this site and I'm hoping it'll be easier to maintain in the near future. To anyone reading, thank you for passing by my site!